About Me

I started this company full-time in 2009 photographing weddings and portraits. Without realizing it: Like many people, I have tried to answer the question of "who I am" with "the things that I do." My occupation, hobbies, likes/dislikes, goals, and lifestyle choices are like a custom frame of a photographic portrait. The frame itself is changeable, replaceable, and can only decorate the portrait as a border. Over a lifetime, occupations will be gained and lost, hobbies with lose their interest and will be replaced by others, and places we used to call home will be exchanged for new adventures.

But no matter how the frame weathers or changes likeness, the focal point of a framed portrait will always be what is inside and at the center of it all. That is what will answer to, "Who am I?" The answer can be difficult, and near-impossible to capture with words. But with photography, I venture to help my clients answer that question and give their frame life.

If you are interested in my photographic services, please contact me directly by e-mail at contact@dcheephotography.com.

life summarized by hashmark

  • I am deeply and consciously committed to my faith and to my family.
  • My memories remind me of pictures taken with a Diana plastic camera.
  • I am a student of life, and will always be open to learning.
  • I giggle. laugh heartily. roll on floors.
  • My friends think that I look and act like the kid from the movie "UP," and so do I.
  • I pray before every photoshoot that God will allow me to see you as He does.
  • My favorite color is yellow... no, wait, maybe it's red.
  • I love giving and serving.
  • My only dream in life has been to be a good son, a watchful brother, a tender father and a loving husband.
  • I understand picture books better than books with thousands of the most thought out words.